Arrive Alive funds equipment and lifesaving vehicles for medically trained volunteers (CFR's). CFR's are trained to attend 999 calls in those vital seconds/minutes prior to a road or air ambulance.


Birmingham city including suburbs

Solihull including suburbs

Black Country including suburbs



Solely funded by charitable donations, non-government funded.

Have you or a loved one been faced with a medical emergency & had to make a 999 call for help?


Can you support us?

Arrive Alive is a non government funded charity that supports lifesaving volunteers - CFR's who attend local medical emergencies.

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Every Second Counts

Arrive Alive is the UK's only registered charity that is solely dedicated to funding lifesaving voluntary operated vehicles and equipment for Community First Responders (CFR's) approved by West Midlands Ambulance Service. CFR's are volunteers trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service who can attend a 999 call in those vital seconds/minutes prior to a road or air ambulance. Arrive Alive is a none government, NHS or lottery funded charity.

Arrive Alive funds vital lifesaving vehicles and equipment for Community First Responder (CFR's). At present we have 4 voluntary operational vehicles.

Arrive Alive is solely funded by voluntary donations and does not receive national lottery funding, NHS funding or government funding.

CFR's are medically trained volunteers who attend 999 calls in those vital seconds/minutes prior to a road or air ambulance.

CFR's have the skills to attend 999 calls but we need your help to get them to the medical emergency.


Help us to save lives within communities.

Andy Jeynes Community Response Manager for West Midlands Ambulance Service UNHSFT said

''2020 has been a challenging year for the NHS Ambulance Service and we were grateful that our Volunteer Responders continued to support the Ambulance Service through these extraordinary times by attending over five and a half thousand 999 calls in the last 12 months. In Community Response we begin 2021 with two hills to climb. Firstly COVID restrictions are still here which present even greater challenges and secondly West Midlands Ambulance Service are currently in the midst of the largest Community First Responder campaign the Trust has ever planned. Over the next twelve months we are hoping to double the number Volunteer Responders in the Community. This is a huge task and one that is made easier by the continued support of our Volunteer Responder Schemes and the Charity “Arrive Alive” who have committed to providing Response Vehicles for our volunteers. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to Arrive Alive for playing their part in building a Resilience to keep our responders mobile and to support our patients, their Community and the wider NHS.''

Our Mission

Arrive Alive is the only registered charity in the UK solely dedicated to providing emergency medical response vehicles and approved lifesaving equipment to Community First Responder Groups (CFR's) approved by the ambulance services. Each vehicle is operated by a trained volunteer and is deployed via a 999 call.


Saving lives within communities

Emergency medical response vehicles

Approved lifesaving equipment

Approved by the ambulance services

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Get in Touch


0345 504 8787



Arrive Alive Appeal, PO BOX 17209 Birmingham, B32 9JN

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