The Fab Four’s Adventure to Everest Base Camp in aid of lifesaving charity Arrive Alive.

The Fab Four from The Albion Inn based in Tividale, consisting of Ranj Uppal, Malk Uppal, Gurm Uppal, and Am Dulay, recently embarked on an amazing journey to Everest Base Camp. Their twelve-day trek to the base camp of Mount Everest was not only a personal achievement but also a way to raise crucial funds for Arrive Alive, a charity dedicated to saving lives within communities.

The trek to Everest Base Camp was a challenging yet rewarding experience for the Fab Four. Overcoming heights of over 18,000 feet, they persevered through difficult terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. Their determination and resilience were truly inspiring, motivating them to push through every obstacle along the way.

“The Albion Inn, a prominent establishment in Tividale known for its community involvement, takes great pride in the achievements of the Fab Four. The Arrive Alive team would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Ranj Uppal, Malk Uppal, Gurm Uppal, and Am Dulay for their incredible accomplishment and their dedication to supporting Arrive Alive. We look forward to continuing our relationship with The Albion Inn” – Debbie Roscoe, Founder of Arrive Alive

The primary goal of the Fab Four’s trek was to raise funds for Arrive Alive, an organisation that works tirelessly to save lives. Their efforts managed to raise an impressive total of five thousand pounds, which will be used to support the charity’s lifesaving work. The Fab Four chose Arrive Alive as the beneficiary for their fundraising efforts because they strongly believe in the importance of supporting such an impactful cause.

The Fab Four’s trek to Everest Base Camp not only showcased their physical and mental strength but also their commitment to making a difference in the world. Their journey serves as an inspiration to the general public and local communities, showing that with determination and a noble cause, anything is possible.

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